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sponsored links) is no longer a bidding game its nearly as complex as traditional Search Engine Optimization.  Find out  how to increase your quality scores...

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Successful Google Search Advertising means first page links that generate high value customers. To obtain first page positions in the Organic Links is the most challenging but also the most rewarding accomplishment in Google Marketing. 


Google maps marketing, Local Maps SEO

Google Maps Marketing is a newer discipline that is increasingly important. We have positioned hundreds of clients in the map sections of Google… Find out how to get top map positions today!


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SEO Strategy Experts There are 3 distinct disciplines in Google Search Engine Advertising and Optimization. We have mastered Paid Search Optimization (sponsored links), (Google Maps Marketing) Local Map Listing optimization, and Organic optimization. In most cases, paid search listings are the most expensive way to generate customers from search engines. Our focus is providing our clients with optimal return on investment from what is now one of the most critical strategies for every business – online search marketing. Very few companies have mastered the art of optimizing all three distinctly different parts of the first page of Google – we have. As your partner, we are committed to using our knowledge, experience, and our team of experts to help you dominate your online market. Our Free initial consultation will help you form a strategy at the very least. Call us today at 1-888-287-7370 and seize the opportunity to transform your business.

  Google Maps Marketing factors are Changing rapidly

SEO Strategy Experts As the age of Smart phones is now officially upon us, Google Maps marketing becomes an even more critical piece to a local business advertising strategy. Not only does Google’s free 411 service (800-GOOG-411) list its map listings in the exact order it displays in its online map section, it displays them in most prominent search positions in PDA’s, Smart phones, Iphones, etc. Google recently changed the local search world again with the release of the Google Local Ads paid map search platform in October of 2009 in the San Diego and San Francisco markets while reducing the “10 Pack” to 7 organic map listings to accommodate these new paid local map ads. As Google map marketing changes the game in local search advertising, we monitor every change to provide our client the best advantage in volatile local map optimization arena.
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